Pastor and Mrs. Ross Open Door Baptist Church Mesquite, Texas
Dr and Mrs. Ross

Dear Pastor,

I have known Miss Michelle Geiger for over twenty-five years. This young lady first came to the church in which I was serving as an Associate Pastor and Youth Director. I was also a college administrator at that time. I had the privilege of watching Miss Geiger literally grow up at Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, graduate from Windsor Hills Baptist School, and go on to graduate from Oklahoma Baptist College. At that time OBC was one of the finest Missionary training grounds in history.

Miss Geiger is an overcomer. Nothing she has accomplished in life has come easy. She is not a quitter. I point this out because if a Missionary is to be successful reaching souls on the field to which the Lord has called them, they need perseverance. Miss Geiger has long had a sincere burden for Africa. She completed her deputation, went to Albertville, France for a year of language school, and arrived in the Ivory Coast just in time for war to providentially force her to return to the United States.

When Miss Geiger returned, she stayed busy, assisting ministries in whatever way she could. She never lost her burden or call to Africa. She believes it to be the will of God that she assist in the work of the James Pridgen family in Uganda. The Pridgen’s have been in Uganda for a long time and could certainly use the assistance of a capable worker like Miss Michelle Geiger.

I have had the honor of being a part of two churches that both supported the work and ministry of Miss Michelle Geiger. I feel in my heart that any investment in this young lady will be met with a rich dividend in Glory.

If I could be of any assistance in answering any questions you may have of Miss Geiger, please do not hesitate to contact me at It would be a blessing to know that you would be in favor of taking on this determined Missionary for support. She is nearing the point of being able to go to the field of Uganda. Your support would surely help her reach that goal.

Sincerely your friend and servant,

Robert A. Ross, Jr., Evangelist


Sven Larson, Pastor Moore Baptist Temple Moore, Oklahoma
Sven Larson, Pastor
Moore Baptist Temple
Moore, Oklahoma

I would like to recommed, Miss Michelle Geiger for your consideration of support for your Missions program. Michelle has been a faithful Christian and soul-winner throughout the years, and God has placed a call on her life to be a Missionary in Uganda, East Africa. She will be working with the James Pridgen family in Kampala, Uganda. She is a godly lady with a good spirit, a desire to serve the Lord, and a spirit to be a help and a blessing.  She will be a great asset to the lost souls in Africa. She will be sent out of Moore Baptist Temple, and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have. You may contact me at 405-795-4637.  Would you please prayerfully consider Supporting Michelle to the country of Uganda? May the Lord Bless your service for Him.




The Pridgens have been veteran church planting missionaries in Uganda for 18 years.  It will be a blessing to serve with them in the ministry there in Kampala, Uganda.